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Welcome to Project TW4XP.

TW4XP was designed as a project vehicle to participate in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, a competition for vehicles capable of achieving over 100 MPGe. From the very beginning the design was aimed at later assembly-line production, as well as complying with the strict competition guidelines and on-road safety tests. The TW4XP completed all technical, safety and MPGe challenges required to win the X PRIZE in the Alternative Side-by-Side class, however as this division was the only one to have more than one successful competitor which required a final speed-based race to determine the winner. Out of 136 original competitors, Project TW4XP finished third, achieving the lowest energy consumption in the final race.

Despite missing out on the 2.5 million USD prize money, the participation in the competition resulted in valuable experience for the development of the vehicle. The chassis concept can already be considered a master piece: it exhibits impressive stability and intuitive handling even when driven at the limit. The drive train convinced instantly and proved its reliability and high efficiency during the demanding tests as well.

Now we are working on the detailing of the components, without pressure but with high motivation. The goal is to combine sporty driving pleasure and sustainable mobility in a timeless driving machine. We will keep you informed about future developments.

The following video excerpts are from the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, an annual sustainable transportation event that showcases technological research into “clean vehicles” and allows them to be assessed in real operating conditions.
Have fun!

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